Opsol OmniHub is a leading data integration solution. It is installed in telecommunication, finance, retail and manufacturing industries. These customers have targeted data, new and old, that required integration across their IT infrastructure to deliver, better customer service, reduced operational costs, a single view of their customer and analyze transactional activity.

Opsol OmniHub

“At SIBOS 2006 Opsol launched OmniWire Transfer, an Open Payments Target Marketing Solution, to identify efficiencies and reduce costs within a Banks Wire Transfer application. We saved time and money by using the Opsol OmniHub tools and infrastructure.”
  • Business functions are spread across a multi tiered and layered environment integrating applications and data from a number of differing platforms. Data must flow freely and securely between multiple platforms and be normalized to present "one true picture" of the business.

  • Opsol's OmniHub, built using HP's patented ZLE* technology, provides the fundamental infrastructure for a Real Time Enterprise implementation of a 360 degree single customer view. The Operational Data Store and the Business Intelligence servers are used for Channel Integration, High Net Worth Customer Management and Product Cross Selling.

  • OmniHub includes an interaction manager, message routing and rules based processing. The Back Office adapters and ETL are used to bring in data from legacy applications to build the 'one true picture' of the business. The XML Document Management, using the OmniDirector (Real Time Information Director) is extremely flexible and allows banks to introduce new products very quickly.

  • The OmniWire solution is built using the tools and modules from the OmniHub Solution. The OmniWire solution helps Banks cut competitors out of the loop to increase their volume of high value payments - and generate additional revenue- by creatively leveraging information that is already in their systems.

    And don't forget the bag of tools to help accelerate the production go live. OmniCrypto provides the security layer for verification and authentication. The High Availability Probes monitor the application for uptime and the Application Monitor takes corrective action in case of failure. The Job Scheduler keeps track of data refreshes. The Email Adapter emails daily and weekly reports.

    And a SOA compliant Business Process Execution Orchestrator keeps everything in smooth harmony.