Opsol solutions are developed with a hybrid architecture to take advantage of the proven reliability, scalability and manageability of the HP Integrity Nonstop* platform. The solutions offer the highest levels of availability and scalability and cost less than other open solutions.


OmniATM is a modern solution to support ATMs, POS and Switch transactions. The offering is feature rich with user personalization and targeted offers. We are proud to announce we support over 5,000 ATMs. OmniATM Solution Brief.
OmniATM Solution Brief

OmniHub is a leading data integration solution. It is installed in telecommunication, finance, retail and manufacturing industries. These customers have targeted data, new and old, that required integration across their IT infrastructure to deliver, better customer service, reduced operational costs, a single view of their customer and analyze transactional activity.
OmniHub Solution Brief
Banco Popular Puerto Rico OmniHub Success Story
Citibank OmniHub Success Story
OmniHub Single Customer View Solution Brief

OmniWire Opsol OmniWire Transfer shows how Opsol can work with our customers to provide a very specific solution. In this case we collect and analyze payment data in a wholesale banking environment. This can be carried out in batch or real time mode and allows the bank to increase revenue, deliver better customer services and out pace their competition. We use key elements of OmniHub to deliver OmniWire Transfer.
OmniWire Solution Brief

OmniDirector is a high availability Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) on HPE NonStop servers. It is SOA compliant and orchestrates new services across hybrid platforms as well as legacy Pathway services. OmniDirector supports flexible document interchange between applications. A rich range of adapters for data, message and transaction parsing as well as rules engines and data transformation tools are readily available.
Shelby County OmniDirector SOA Sucess story
HP Real Time Enterprise Presentation

Operations Framework And don't forget the bag of tools to help accelerate the production go live. OmniCrypto provides the security layer for verification and authentication. The High Availability Probes monitor the application for uptime and the Application Monitor takes corrective action in case of failure. The Job Scheduler keeps track of data refreshes. The Email Adapter emails daily and weekly reports.

OmniCrypto is a security solution for banks, retail, and financial networks that manage and deploy unique keys for automatic teller machines (ATMs) and point-of-sale (POS) devices. OmniCrypto also provides digital certificates and signatures for e-commerce applications.
OmniCrypto Solution Brief
OmniCrypto PIN and Card Management Solution Brief